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Students need to be supervised and guided when using the Internet to select activities that reflect appropriate family and Berlin Community School values. The Internet is not a school program this site provides links to Internet Activities for students of various ages.  Sites may contain links to advertisements and/or game like sites that are unappealing to many folks. Guide students appropriately and teach them to make good decisions that reflect their family's  values and our school's values.

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 Mrs. Nasto, Berlin Community School employees and the Board of Education do not warrant the accuracy of any information contained in this web site or linked sites.
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Please contact Mrs. Nasto to report any inappropriate links so that they may be examined and/or removed.
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"The Internet is a wonderful learning tool that needs to be  supervised and guided to support students on their  academic journey to success in our high  tech world!"
Mrs. Nasto
~ Mrs. Nasto

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