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Berlin Community School Computer Teacher
2016-2017 Instructing K-3rd, 5th & all 6-7th Graders

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Technology Standard 8.1
Educational Technology, Digital Citizenship

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Berlin Community School

215 South Franklin Ave
Berlin, NJ 08009

Main Office (856)767-0129
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My Mission as a Computer Teacher is to inspire my students through technology to become active lifelong learners and good citizens. Through all student-teacher interactions, I will treat my students with respect, kindness, and understanding in order to build student confidence and raise student self-esteem. I will create a positive, supportive, and encouraging computer lab environment that nurtures the student and the student’s learning experience. Through the use of technology and technology-based projects, I will challenge and empower each student to strive to reach his full potential in our evolving global society.

My curriculum goal is to provide a unique computer lab learning experience for each grade guided by the NJCCSS for Technology, Science, Social Studies, Math, and Language Arts that prepares our students for digital citizenship in today’s world and inspires lifelong learners of technology.

2016-2017 School Year Mrs. Nasto Computer Teacher
Grades  K -  3rd, 5th,
6th & 7th

Our BCS Computer Technology Program  2015-16:
- 5th Grades
Attend Computer lab Once a Week All Year
6th Grade & 7th Grade Cycle Program (SPARCY-Rotates) Attend Computer lab Everyday for  One Marking Period - 10 Week Cycle Program!

BCS Computer Curriculum Program By Mrs. Nasto
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Berlin Community School
Mrs. Nasto, Computer

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