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6th Grader, MP1 2014
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"This year was my first year I ever had a computer class. Mrs. Nasto has taught me so much this year! I am so great full of all the computer skills she has taught me. The two most important things I will always chariest is how to type with all ten fingers and how to use power point. These two skills have helped me a lot because without knowing how to type with all ten fingers I would never be able to type fast. If Mrs. Nasto has never taught me how to use power point I would have not made my science project. Thank you so much Mrs. Nasto! You rock!"

6th Grade, MP 2 Year 2014
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"What assignment I liked the best was making a movie. It was fun to make and learn how do and I learned things on how to make a movie and give credit. The thing that advanced my computer skills the most was the PowerPoint because it helped me figure out how to edit pictures and make a PowerPoint.".









What we Learned!

7th Grade Student 7Q2 Click Here 2014

"The Microsoft Publisher Assignment advanced my technology skills the most, because it taught me new tools to use on Microsoft Publisher in a whole new way and how to use those new skills at home and make a calendars and such for my family."

"I believe that the two computer programs that made my technology skill more prestigous are Excel, and I was not familiar with the program berfore Mrs. Nasto taught us. After all, Excel is one of the mandatory programs to learn in life. I am sure that I will use this program in my daily life when I grow up. Also is very important because I will need to type very quickly for the P.A.R.C.C. test. Typing is not easy, but it is easier with In conclusion, I really do not know what I would do without Typingwebcom and Excel. These two computer programs really advance my technological skills tremendously."

7th Grade MP 1, 2014

"I think that excel helped me out the most because I will probably use it in the future for fantasy football."

"I think helped me advance my technology skills the most because it allowed me to learn how to type faster. Therefore, now I can type assignments faster and not worry about looking down at the keyboard every time I want to type a word. Thank you for introducing me to typing web, it is a very helpful program to teach someone how to type."


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