Internet Safety Information For Parents

Protect your child's Digital Profile supervise and guide technology tools and apps. Please Supervise and guide students when using the Internet, please Monitor Internet Usage.

Guide and teach students to make good decisions when selecting Internet activities. Encourage students to select activities that support your family's values and promote academic skills that will make them successful in school. Encourage reading, writing and thinking activities online

Computers with Internet Access should be centrally located for supervision Not in child's bedroom or basement

Remind children not to enter personal private information when using the Internet.

Be cautious and supervise the use of Social Networks  such as Instagram,  Facebook or Twitter. Sharing personal information online can be dangerous. Review services for parental controls or privacy controls. It is not advised for minors to have profiles online that reveal personal information.

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Gaming Tips Monitor and supervise setting limits.

Warn students about downloading viruses, beware popular gaming sites increase the risk of downloading Malware or Viruses by accident.

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"The Internet is a wonderful learning tool that needs to be supervised and guided to support students on their academic journey to success in our high tech world! "
by Mrs. Nasto
~ by Mrs. Nasto


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Information for Parents
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