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BCS CER After School Computer Classes
Instructor Mrs. Nasto, BCS Computer Teacher
"It takes a whole village to raise a child."
Ashanti Proverb

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Elementary Students

Winter 2019 Flyer
Building Computer Skills
BCS CER After School Program
Open Registration Dec.2019
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8 Weeks Fall Session

Tuesdays 3-4pm

Starts Jan.  8th 2019


Spring 2018 Flyer
Registration Use District Site

6 Week Spring Session

Tuesdays 3-4pm

Starts April 17th 2018



Fall 2018 Flyer






CER Computers
After School Computer Class

 The elementary after school computer lab enrichment experience provides a service for parents and students offering students a fun way to build technology skills & confidence in a relaxed, friendly, social, & supervised environment.

Students have access to the Internet Resources, Google Education Apps, School Apps and a wide variety of software to advance and build computer technology skills for life.

Students will be encouraged to explore a different digital resources or apps weekly with guided support at their own Instructional level or grade.

Middle School has a focus on computer programming skills using several different resources to build skills & confidence in a relaxed, friendly, social, & supervised environment.

In today's Digital world students need to start developing technology skills as soon as they start school. These enrichment programs can provide your child with access & extra computer time for developing technology & programming skills along with the confidence they need to be successful using technology in our Digital world.

Elementary experience strongly recommended if student lacks access to technology, computer, laptop and Wi-Fi Internet access at home.

Middle School experience strongly recommended for students with an interest in programming, coding and technology.

CER Parents:
Safety & Procedures for check in and Pick Up! Review with your child safety is always a concern!

Contact Information:
Mrs. Nasto nastog@bcsberlin.org
Main Office (856)767-0129
Voice Mailbox 150
Berlin Community School

215 South Franklin Ave
Berlin, NJ 08009

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Basic After School Lab Rules and Parent Tips

Our School uses a filtering software that  helps to screen out inappropriate Internet sites.

Students are not permitted to Use Social Media sites or Youtube

Students are not permitted to use resources, games or apps with weapons or violence. We are a "Good Character School".

Students need permission to download.

The program is an hour long and very young students may not be ready to sit at the computer for an hour after school.


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Parents E-mail Mrs. Nasto Questions or Concerns!

  Middle School Students
After School Computer Class
(Grades 5-8th Only)

Middle School Winter 2018 Flyer
Open Registration Use District Site

Computers & iPads

Theme: Coding & Avatars

Code.org, Codesters, Codemoji, Swift Playgrounds by Apple, Kodable & More Resources

6 Week Session

Thursdays - 2:30 - 4:00pm

Starts Thursday, January 10th , 2019




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Contact Information:
Mrs. Nasto nastog@bcsberlin.org
Main Office (856)767-0129
 Voice Mailbox 150
Berlin Community School

215 South Franklin Ave
Berlin, NJ 08009


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