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Sea Turtles




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Oceans on Planet Earth!
Earth is mostly water!

Earth's Oceans GoogleMaps

  1. Atlantic Ocean

  2. Pacific Ocean

  3. Indian Ocean
  4. Arctic Ocean
  5. Southern Ocean ~Antarctica Ocean


Fish and Ocean Animals

Many different animals live in the ocean!


Manatees are large slow moving marine animals also known as Sea Cows.  They are herbivores and like warm shallow water.  They are largely found off the coast of Florida.

Word Bank:

Manatee or Manatees

 sea cows

herbivores eat plants

 Florida warm water

Sea Turtles

 17 different kinds


 lay eggs

 leatherbacks 1100 pounds

Ocean, sand, beach,

 Manatees Seaworld

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There are several different kinds of sea turtles.  They spend most of their time swimming in our oceans.  All sea turtles are endangered and their populations are unknown.  Sea turtles lay eggs on the beaches in the sand.

Sea Turtle on the Beach

Baby Sea Turtle Just Hatched!

Sea Turtle Information
Sea Turtle Species

  • What type of turtle weighs the most weight?

  • What type of turtle weighs the least amount of weight?

  • Sea Turtles SeaWorld

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One of the most intelligent animals in the world!  They can be found in both the Atlantic and Pacific ocean and like warmer water.


Dolphin Videos rob@dolphinleap.com

Dolphin Video Bubble Rings

Dolphin Facts for Kids

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Sharks have very good hearing and smelling senses.  Sharks have been around since before dinosaurs.  The shark's Skelton is made of a flexible material called cartilage and it is covered in sharp tooth like scales for protection.

Shark Video Great White

Shark Facts for Kids

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The Seahorse swims in the upward position.  It has a long nose a pouch and a curly tail.  The male carries the seahorse babies in his pouch till they mature and then he gives birth to little baby seahorses.

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