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Student will create a PowerPoint Presentation by researching a country while  developing the habits of mind that make us successful in school, the work world, and life.  Students will learn how to use Internet resources, evaluate Internet resources and  how to properly cite their resources.

Give Credit to Resources Cite Work

Students learn how to cite resources by identifying online resources, books and all media forms used for information and graphics. Student should list all Internet/Books/Media resources  used for research in all projects, class work, or school work. Students should label the section Resources or Work Cited, and make a brief statement giving credit to resources.

Work Cited or Resource Format For Documentation:
Middle School Format:

Students must list all Internets sites referencing information or  graphics as such:

Author.  Page title.  URL.  Date.

Note everything is divided by a period.
Date is simply the date you accessed information on the Internet. 
If author of the page can not be located students may omit the author and list information available such as:

Page title. URL. Date.

These three items are always available.

Elementary Format:
URL. Date.



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