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What do you want to be when you grow up? 

  An introductory web quest on careers 


Introduction | Task | The Process & Resources | Conclusion | Dictionary


Students will explore careers in our world and their future. Did you ever want to be a doctor, nurse, teacher, movie star, baseball player, carpenter, pilot, fireman, scientist, engineer, or policeman? In this web quest students will explore: the career selection process, preparation, training, education, qualifications, earnings, working conditions, location, and job outlook. 

Question & Task

Select a career you are interested in and explore what it takes to establish such a career. Learn the job responsibilities and how to prepare for this career. Explore earnings and job out look in the future and present your findings in a Power Point presentation.

The Process and Resources

Here is a list of questions to help you research a career:

1.                    Occupation Selection?

List Occupation and definition
Why Job exists, purpose or service
Major duties or responsibilities
Equipment, tools, machine or work aids

2.                              Education, training, or experience for occupation?

College or schooling
previous work experience
Licensing, certification or Special requirements
Time required to get necessary education, training, or experience

3.                    Personal qualifications, skills, and abilities required for the occupation?


Abilities, skills, or aptitudes

Physical strengths

Personal interests


4.                    Earnings?

Beginning income
Average income
Top earnings
Fringe benefits

5.                    Working Conditions?

Work Schedule
Dress requirements

6.                    Location of employment?

What state, nation, city, region, or Country has the most need/opportunity?

7.                    Employment Outlook?

Job market – potential in the future
Employment trends and stability
Average time it takes to advance the career ladder for this occupation


1. Background: Something for Everyone

Often people select a career based on an area of interest or even a hobby. Do you like Math, Science, History, or helping people? Visit the following site and explore careers related to various subjects of interest. Pick two careers to compare before you select a special career for presenting in PowerPoint.

* BLS Career Information

* Career Exploration Guides and Resources


Complete the following handout for comparing careers and exploring, click and print:

*                  Handout:  Career_compare.htm

2. Looking Deeper: Explore More Career Information

Students may use the following Internet sites to find information on a career.

*  Internet Site #1  US DEPARTMENT OF LABOR

*  Internet Site #2  METEOROLOGY

*  Internet Site #3  FUTURE OUT LOOK

*  Internet Site #4  CAREER INFORMATION

*  Internet Site #5    NJ DEPARTMENT OF LABOR

*  Internet Site #6   NJ LABOR PLANNING



*  Internet Site #9  NJ SCHOOL JOBS

*  Internet Site #10  Careers Architecture or Engineering

*  Internet Site #11  NY DEPARTMENT OF LABOR

*  girlsgotech.org

3. Careers and Jobs of the Future
More Resources:
Technical/Career Education Resources
Vocational Information Center
NJ Employment Information
Technology Education Association of NJ
Technical Educators on NJ

OnlineMastersDegree.com Career Test Guide

Career Activities and Vocational Lesson Plans


4. Create a PowerPoint Presentation on selected Career

          Students will create a PowerPoint presentation on selected career.  Students will try to find as much information as possible using the Internet and listed sites for support and the questions for direction.  Students will be prepared to verbally present the presentation to communicate their findings to their classmates.  Students will include a conclusion slide and briefly state why they selected the career and what they like best about it.

* Handout:  PowerPoint Career Guide  

* PowerPoint Sound Ideas

*   PowerPoint Tips Do's Do Not's

5. Possible Source for Real World Feedback

You may have a question you would like to ask an expert or you may want to use a search engine to find additional information on your career.

You Might Want to Ask an Expert a question?

*  Pitsco’s Ask an Expert http://www.askanexpert.com/


* Search Engines


Conclusion – Discussion Questions


* How do you find activities, subjects fields that interest you?

* Why is it important to study hard and get a good education while you are in school? 

* What kind of activities can you participate in right now to prepare yourself for the future?

* What are your goals right now?

* What are your goals when you grow up?


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Updated; 4/11/2016


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