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This is the evaluation rubric for this Excel Assignment! Students must demonstrate they can use the following application tools and write a critical thinking statement!

Format – Design “Looks Good, Easy to Read" 

 Apply AutoFormat or bordersFont size 12 with labels larger

 Spell-checker and  CAPS (First Letter)


 Average Formula

Sort Command

 Graph Data: analyze  or  Compare Data the facts

 Textbox Stating a Conclusion You must answer the following two questions:

  1. What does the graph measure?

  2. State a conclusion based on the data you graphed.

Then pick one of  the following questions to answer:

  1.  "Why did you select this data to measure?

  2. What did you learn about Fast-Food or Excel?

 Graphic/Clipart  At least one

WordArt with Your Name

Header/Footer (7th Grade Computers    Excel Graphing)

Preview One Page Limit  NO Clipping


Novice/C Apprentice/B Expert/A
Formats document Okay Formats document successfully Formats document successfully
3 or More Spelling Errors 1-2 Spelling Error No Spelling Errors
Many tools are not present Uses most of the tools Uses all tools
Conclusion missing  or lacks critical thinking understanding of graph data.  Writes a conclusion that lack critical thinking understanding of graph data. Conclusion Shows critical thinking understanding of graph data.
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