7th Grade Power Point Project

Theme/Topic:  Historical figure of the United States

Objective student will research figure and related events in history of the person’s time period.  Students will additionally research various War years to support 7th grade curriculum.  Student will create and present a Power Point presentation on their research to the class. 


Minimum Requirements only the sky is the limit!

At least 12 slide in the following order:

Slide 1 = Title Slide, be creative, Student’s Name

Slide 2 = Historical Figure’s Name, Time Life Dates & Picture Slide

Slide 3 = Facts, Accomplishments, and Information Slide(s): Relevant Important Information, Significant Events, Education, Career/Occupation, and Personal/family Background CAN BE 1 SLIDE OR MORE!

Slide 4 = Work Cited Slide(s) Should BE More than one SLIDE! Must use at least three different resources!

Slide 5 = War Slide(S) What caused the War?  List important events/Battles during the War. CAN BE one SLIDE OR MORE!

Slide 6 = Historical Events Diagram slide with dates (Timeline of 5 Important Events)

Slide 7= Explain One Historical Events in details slide(s) CAN BE one SLIDE OR MORE!

Slide 8 = Visual Slide(s) of person’s lifetime:  (Must Have –Transportation & Communication), Entertainment, Popular Product, Advertisement or commercial, Fashion, Fads, etc.  Label pictures (Cite Resources) CAN BE 1 SLIDE OR MORE!

Slide 9 = “Quote” slide(s) with author or Most Interesting fact slide(s)

Slide 10 = Conclusion slide(s) “Why is he/she important in history?”  CAN BE 1 SLIDE OR MORE!

Slide 11 = Ending slide(s) (be creative)


Optional Extra Credit Challenge Slides

Þ      Graph Slide Your choice of data or event

Þ      Scan Slide (YOUR CHOICE) Your Picture!

Apply the following tools:

§         Use spell-check, Remember Word art does not go through spell-checker

§         Every slide must have a title using all capital letters or Initial capital letters.

§         Grammar – Presentation should be consistent with form.  (Initial Caps) for bullets.  (Words, phrases or sentences)  Paragraphs are tabbed.

§         Format all slides with theme design or color. (Use a consistent theme or limit colors to three or four.)

§         Apply Animation (Scheme or Customize), sound add sound (recorded/downloaded/sound file gallery) & Transition

§         Insert clipart, Use AutoShapes (1), Optional scanned pictured, graphic from Internet obey copyrights

§         Use a diagram slide or Insert diagram

§         Apply the 6 by 6 rule (6 words across 6 lines down per slide)

§         Use a Design Theme or create a theme using 3 Colors

***Proof Read!  All information must be factual and accurate.  No plagiarism, copy, & pasting is stealing read and write in your own words.  Be prepared to present presentation to class. Speak loud and clear, make eye contact, pace yourself and stop to add information***