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1.    Move Closer to Subject

2.    Try Zoom

3.    Center Main Subject Even sides

4.    Elbows Down

5.    Hold still and steady snap shot

6.    No Fingers on Lens

7.    Use Wrist Band Must Camera will break if you drop it.

Learn, read, and research more About Cameras and what the Icons mean:



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MMj02237910000[1]Download Pictures to CPU


1.      Biggest Rule safe for Camera & Computer (Camera OFF connect to computer, then camera OFF disconnect from computer.

2.      Connect USB cable wire to Camera and insert  other end into Computer USB Port

3.     Connected Now Turn Camera On to begin download process.
(We can close The School’s Virus Scanning Softer as our pictures are Virus free)


There are 2 Ways to download pictures from a camera to a computer using a USB cable:

One way: use Camera Wizard AutoPlay and select Import Pictures and Videos using Windows. This will import/copy pictures from Camera to computer. Import settings allows you to Select a Drive/place to import the picture to on your computer. Select Browse to locate Library folder, then Pictures Windows 7.


Second way: Another way to download pictures is to Copy Pictures from Removable Camera Drive (Look for Folder called DCIM), Select pictures and copy & paste to Library>>> Picture folder Windows 7


When finished downloading turn camera OFF Now disconnect from computer safely. Additional, you can Check the taskbar safely eject removable drives.


More Resources on Downloading/getting Pictures from Camera to Computer:

Pictures From Camera to Computer  


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