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Novice S Apprentice S+ Expert S++ Scores
Incomplete job 1 Completes job on time! 4 Completes job on time! 4
More than 1 Spelling Error 1 Only 1 Spelling Error 2 No Spelling Errors 4
Two or more Missing Answers 2 1-3 CAPS Missing 3 ALL CAPS FOR TITLES of Slides 4
Missing Answers 2 Answers All Questions 3 Answers All Questions and Finds Additional Information Writing in Own Words 4
Limited Graphics/Pictures used 2 One Graphic or Picture on each Slide 4 More than One Graphic per slide 4
No Transition or Animation Used 0 Uses Transition With Sound 2 Uses Transition With Sound and Animation of Objects 4
No resources listed 1 One Resources Cited 2 Cites All Resources, More Than One Resource Cited 4
Novice 8 Apprentice 20 Expert 28

Peer Evaluation:

Novice 1 (Spelling errors, More than one answer missing, NO resources listed) Still Learning

Apprentice 2 (Only 1 spelling error, missing CAPS, One resources Listed) Partial Proficiency

Expert 3 (Perfect, No spelling errors, ALL CAPS of Titles & Proper Nouns, All answers, Used Good resources list two or more) Advanced Mastered All Components

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