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 Directions for Microsoft Word Assignment\Checklist are as follows:

1.      Write a (3) paragraph(s) explaining the story of your hero. (1) Who is your hero (2) What did they do? (3) Why you selected your hero, and how they are making our world better.  Do not plagiarize write in your own words.

2.      Tab to indent paragraphs & double space paragraphs and One Space After Period

3.     Insert a table with 4 columns and 5 rows.  Label and fill your table in with words about selected hero if possible. All words on Table start with a capital letter.

4.      Select Label row make the following font changes: Font Size 16 Bold and Centered

5.      Place a Header on your document: size 12 font, Header with student name, date (auto feature), and computers.    (Tip View on Menu)

6.      Place a Footer on your document Switch to Footer: size 12 font, enter student grade and page x of Y (auto feature) Align right.  (Tip View on Menu)

7.     Insert another row to add clipart, you may copy one graphic from Internet resources if you cite resource. Then fill table with words to match theme and parts of speech.

8.      Then use Thesaurus = Shift F7 change one word in each column. Use format Painter, change format of thesaurus word in each column to match font style of story.

9.      Bold and Underline words from table  used in paragraph

10. Insert another row (Table, Insert, row, above), and use (Table, Merge). Now give your story a Title using WordArt (View, Toolbars, Drawing) Spell-check tile then put in WordArt

11.  Change the font style of your paragraph do not select font that writes in all capital letters.

12.Use word count on paragraphs only and Identify word count in bold at end of story.  (Tip Tools, Word Count)Example: Word Count 154

13.Use Spellchecker = F7 document
Document Grade Level Achieved

14.Proofread paragraphs and preview for clipping

15.Cite Give credit to  All Resources used in the following format:

My Hero. Date.

Wacky Web Tales. Date.