Making A Sign: Endangered Animals

Teacher Name: Mrs. Nasto

Student Name:     ________________________________________







Title is clear and easy to read and is quite creative.

Title can be read and describes the content well.

The title is too small and/or does not describe the content of the sign well.

Required Elements

The sign includes all required elements and may contain additional information.

All but 1 or 2 of the required elements are included on the sign.

Three or more required elements were missing.

Content - Accuracy

At least 5-7 accurate facts are displayed on the sign.

3-4 accurate facts are displayed on the sign.

Less than 3 accurate facts are displayed on the sign.


Capitalization, spelling, and punctuation are correct throughout the sign.

There is 1 error in capitalization and punctuation, and 1 error in Spelling.

There are 2 or more errors in capitalization and punctuation, and 2 or more errors in Spelling.


All graphics match content enhancing the focus of the sign visually.

Most of the graphics match content one graphic may be hard to identify with content.

Graphics are not used enough or more than one does not match content of sign.


The sign is exceptionally attractive in terms of design, format, and creativeness.

The sign is attractive and acceptable in terms of design and format.

The sign is poorly designed and lacks formatting enhancements.

Citing Resources

All resources including graphics are properly cited in correct format.

Some resources and graphics have been cited and some resources may not have been cited. Some are in correct format and some are not in correct format.

Only one resource or graphic is cited with citation lacking proper format. Many resources are missing citations.


Date Created: November 20, 2005



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