Checklist for PowerPoint:

1.     Spell checker, Grammar, CAPS, Spacing

2.   6 by 6 Rule, Font Size 24 or Larger

3.  Design, theme, and Font colors do they work?

4.  Slides Covered: 12 =Total (Time Provided)

5.  Diagram Slide: One event from Event Table One from Computer Timeline and 3 events using site Total 5 Events

6.  Event Slide: Explain One Event from Timeline apply 6 by 6 rule.


7.   Visual Slide: Must have at least five different graphics including transportation & communication

8.  AutoShapes Tool must be used one time


9.  War Slide Explain a War that occurred during your personís lifetime apply 6 by 6 rule.


10.                    Quote Slide with Quotation Marks and Author

11.                       Conclusion Slide: Critical Thinking Statement

12.                     The End Slide: Creative!

13.                     Transition and Sound

14.                     Animated Scheme or Animation Applied

15.                     Accurate, Informative Information

16.                       Respects Copyrights and Properly Cites Work

17.                      Resource Slide:

Three Internet Sites

Optional Book or Other Resources

18.                      No Plagiarism, paraphrase in your own†† words

19.                       Presentation be prepared plan: Speak Loud & clear, make eye contact, add information

20.                   View Slide show must advance on mouse click not loop

21.                     Optional Custom Animation Effects Objects within slide can be set to go off accordingly

22.                    Optional Slides: (Using Scanner) and Graph