Assignment #1

Using PowerPoint Make two slides:

1.     Picture Slide

a.      Insert Picture

b.     Crop Picture

c.     Use Picture Toolbar and 3 other Picture Toolbar commands

d.     Use Numbering Button Document Crop and the Three other commands

2.     Challenge Make a Washed Out Picture a Background Fill Effect Using Picture Tab on both Slides

a.      Insert a Picture or Copy/Paste one from Internet

b.     Use Picture Toolbar

                                                              i.      Select Washout

1.     Not All Pictures are good Background Options be Selective

2.     Option Right Click Picture Use Format Picture to Washout and Use Contrast & Brightness tools

c.     Save Washed Out Picture in My Pictures

d.     Format Background Fill Effect Picture Tab Select Preserve ratio Aspect

e.      Add Patriotic “Quote with Author”

f.       Spell-check & Preview

Upload to Server for Grade = Copy/paste Project

Optional Additional graphics and tools are welcome.


Assignment Grade Slide One and Two 50 Points Extra Credit Slide 3 optional 25 Points


Print in Handout Format
File> Print> Print What? Handout 2 per slide Select Print 6500