New Jersey Treasure Hunt     
Hanging Out New Jersey - Assignment New Jersey

Mrs. Nasto, Computers 4th Grade      2009   Word Version



Student’s Name: ____________________________________Class: _______

During this NJ Treasure Hunt, students will explore and practice the following Computer Technology Tools and Commands.
Basic Skills:

Ž     Tile Windows Vertically-Taskbar Command Right Click to Tile Windows Vertically

Ž     Find on This Page - Microsoft Command Find on This Page - under Edit on Menu advanced (Ctrl & F)

Ž     Copy&Paste under Edit Menu Microsoft Word Copy=(Ctrl & C) Paste=(Ctrl & V)

Governor of New Jersey:  ___________________________________

blueberry graphicSymbols

State Bird: ______________     State Flower: ___________________

State Fruit: ______________________ State Dinosaur: ______________


New Jersey MapNJ state flag graphicFacts

1.     How many four-year colleges does NJ have? _______

2.     How many miles of Atlantic Ocean Coastline does NJ have?  _______

Fill in the Blank find under Facts:

New Jersey was one of the ______ original states.

Timeline     Give year Only Example: 1957 

1.     Hadrosaurus Foulkii graphic________ Snowboarding pioneer Tom Sims of Haddonfield creates the "ski board," an early version of the snowboard.


2.     ________The first drive-in movie theater in the U.S. opens in Camden.


3.     ________New Jersey’s First Little League Baseball Tournament was played.

Intermediate Skill Activity:
Past Features
>>Then Click>>>Famous New Jersey Woman>>Tip May Need to Click More Pages>> Find these Famous NJ Women Write what they are famous for in your Own Words? ( Do Not Copy & Paste) Write in sentence format a complete sentence. Use Google Definition to look up word meanings.


1.     Nellie Morrow Parker:  

2.      Christine Todd Whitman:  

3.      Alice Paul: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Advanced Skills: Copy & Paste the most interesting NJ Fact you can find From Hangout NJ. Use “Quotation Marks” and Cite Work Please! Place the fact in “quotations Marks” to show you are directly quoting someone else. Then cite your Work copy & paste URL address to give credit to the Internet Resource Cite used.

2001- New Jersey is home to more scientists and engineers per square mile than anywhere else in the world.

Cite Work: