Checklist Advanced Word Document

Working with Tables, Graphics, Headers/Footers and Using Thesaurus, Spell-Checker & Grammar Tools

Header Student Name & Date Auto Feature View on Menu

Footer Page Number Auto Feature

Table 4 columns

      6 Rows

      Row One Title Using Word Art

      Row Two Clipart

      Row Three Noun, Verb, Adjective, Thesaurus Word

      Column 4 Thesaurus Words


Theme: Hobby, Sport or Subject

      1 or more paragraphs

      5 Sentence Minimum (More Welcome)

      One Introduction Sentence

      Three Supporting Sentences

      One Conclusion Sentence

      Tab to Indent paragraphs & Correct Spacing

    Apply Grammar Rules & Marks (, .?) Then, Next, Last,

Double Space Paragraph(s) (Ctrl & 2) or Format >> Paragraph

Change Font Style Do not Select Font with all CAPS

Use Thesaurus (Shift & F7) to Change 3 or more words in Paragraph make Thesaurus words Bold and UNDERLINED


Document Sentence Count & Reading Level with Bullets or Numbers (F7=Spellchecker)

      Sentence Count = 5 or More

    Reading Level = 5th Grade or Higher

Insert Graphics to match Theme

Optional Format Picture Washout

Picture Color and Change layout >>Order>> Behind Text RIGHT CLICK EXPLORE!

If you use Internet resources Cite Resources

Copy & Paste URL Or identify Web Site Page Title

Use Spell-checker (F7)

Proof Read Grammar Sentences Think

Preview Document & Print Black 4050

Optional Print in Color to 970C or 2300