Checklist PowerPoint

1.   One Title Slide with Grammar Rules Applied

2.   Design Theme & 6 by 6 Rule Applied

3.  Transition Applied All Pictures

4.  Animated Scheme

5.  One Slide or > Middle School Goals

6.  One Slide or > If I were President


7.  One Slide or > My Favorites Internet Sites, School Subject, and Sports

8.  One Slide The End

9.  Spell-check Text & Proof Read

10.                   One or More Graphics per Slide

11.                   Sound, Inserted or Applied with tools

12.                   Optional Advanced Custom Animation


13.                   Print for Grade in Handout format

14.                   Upload to Server (Copy & Paste Movie) for a grade and to Share with Class!

15.                   Advanced, Optional One Resource Slide giving Credit all Internet sites used for  graphics, sounds or data Slide

16.                   Use this check list