MCj04039650000[1]Checklist for Endangered AnimalMCj04039650000[1]

1.   Title slide CAPS with Student Name

Picture Animals Name & Picture(s)

2.   5 Slides Total:

Title Slide

Scientific Facts,

Why Endangered?


Cite Resources

3.   Fact Slide with three or More Facts Use Bullets. Key fact words or phrases! If you write in Sentence format use periods

Animal Classification

4.   Slide Why Animal is Endangered? One or more reasons sentence format and Question Mark?

5.   Slide How to help Endangered Animal! One or more ways to help sentence format with Exclamation Mark!

6.   Cite Resource Slide

List Websites used for Facts & Pictures!

Key Website Name or Copy/Paste Web Address (URL)

Cite Resources Give Credit to Resources

7.   Slide Titles with Grammar CAP Rule and Spacing One space between words and after periods.

8.   Apply use Transition In-Between Action (Optional Sound)

9.   Advanced Add Animation of Objects (Action to Text on Slide)

10.               Run Spell-checker (F7) Review Tab and Proof Read for Grammar Errors

11.               Preview Slide Show

      No clipping (graphics blocking text or Titles)

      Graphics, colors, design match Theme of Animal

      All Slides complete