Checklist Brochure Publication
Final Touches!

Working with Templates, Graphics, Tables and Using Thesaurus (Shift & F7), Spell-Checker & Grammar (F7) Tools

One or More Graphics in Each column

My Favorites: Table 2 columns & 4 or more Rows

      Game, Sport, Team, Player

      TV Show, Book, Video Game, Internet Site

      Music, Song, Singer, Movie Star, Restaurant

      Color, Food, Holiday, Subject

Paragraphs: My Goal, My Hero, What I am Proud of..

      1 or more paragraphs

      5 Sentence Minimum (More Welcome)

      One Introduction Sentence

      Three Supporting Sentences

      One Conclusion Sentence

      Tab to Indent paragraphs & Correct Spacing

    Apply Grammar Rules & Marks (, .?) Then, Next, Last,

Check spacing & Font Size 12 or More
Double Space Paragraph(s) (Ctrl & 2) or Format >> Paragraph

Check CAPS Proper Nouns & Titles


    Resize Objects AS Large AS Possible Especially Column One & Student Picture

    Change Colors Bold and Black Print the Best

Use Spell-checker (F7) Thesaurus (Shift & F7)

Proof Read Grammar Sentences Think

Check Blue Guides Resize Objects

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Printing Current Page and Flipping to Print Back of Brochure