Edit Pictures Merge Programs

Step One

PowerPoint First Open and Save PowerPoint Presentation.

Slide One Student Name, Insert Picture and Use Picture Toolbar Crop Picture, and Make at least Three additional changes to picture such as:

1.    Cropped

2.    Rotated

3.    Border

4.        More Contrast

Step Two Program Microsoft Photo Editor

Open Microsoft Photo Editor Open Picture Resave picture As MPEfirstname2. Then crop picture and make at least 4 additional changes. Edit Image Crop and Make 4 additional Changes in program.

   Microsoft Photo Editor

   Under Microsoft Office Tools>>>> Microsoft Photo Editor

   Then Save Image to MY Pictures Under My Documents

Next PowerPoint.ppt Slide 2: Insert the picture that you edited using Microsoft Photo Editor and list crop and 4 additional changes.

Step Three Program Adobe Elements 6

Open Adobe Elements 6 and Open Picture Resave picture As AE6firstname3. Then crop picture and make at least 5 additional changes. Open Program

   Adobe Elements 6

   All Programs>>>> Adobe Elements 6

Next PowerPoint.ppt Slide 3: Insert the picture that you edited using Adobe Elements 6 and list crop and the 5 additional changes.



Step Four

Next PowerPoint.ppt Slide 4 ~ The End: Insert Slide draw text box or use text box template and Fill Background of slide with One of your saved Pictures (use format menu). Write sentence or state what you liked learning about the most or the best program or tool.


Step Five Print for Grade

1.   Review this checklist Proof Work Care about Accuracy Habits of Mind

2.   Run Spellchecker F7

3.   Print slides/Presentation Handout Mode 3 Slides Per Page