Checklist for Civil Rights Timeline:

1.  Select at least Three most important events with year-bold, Title of Event, and explain in your own sentence if you quote Internet resource phrase use quotation marks.

2.   CAPS and Spacing in sentences and titles

3.  Three important events or more, Three Textboxes or more of Information and Dates, Event Title, Option One or more sentences explaining event.

4.  Dated Textboxes in Numberical Math order

5.  Use WordArt Grammar Rules

6.  One Page Limit

7.  Insert One or More graphics to match theme

8.  Dates are Bold

9.  Change Font Style

10.                   Cite Resources Give Credit to Resources of Civil Rights Timeline Internet resource. Format = Page Title. Copy & Paste URL. Date.


11.                   Spell checker and Grammar

12.                   Preview Document for Clipping One Page Project Stay Clear of Edges

13.                   Print in color Change to 2300 Color Printer