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1. Search Engines Defined 2. Boolean Search Operators Explained 3.Boolean Practice 4. Advanced Search Techniques

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1. Search Engines Defined

Search Engines:  Search engines are programs that help you locate information, data and web sites on the Internet by doing keyword searches against their database which is a collection of web sites. A database is a collection of data or information.

Improve Searching Speed and Accuracy with Keyword Searches

Keyword Search: Select two, three or four keywords to use for search query. Keyword search tips keep it simple and use descriptive specific words not general words. How to search on Google Tips

2. Boolean Search Operators Explained: Improve  your search and increase accuracy of finds by helping you match your search more closely with less hits to view making you a faster worker or searcher.

Boolean Search operators: Refine your search and increase accuracy common search operators: Quotation Marks, tilde, Site Operator, Minus Sign. Here's what they can do with examples how to use them.

  1. Boolean AND command: Amazon AND Rainforest
  2. Boolean OR command (This word or that word) caribou OR reindeer
  3. Boolean Quotation Marks Operator "Quotation Marks for Phrases, two or more words" Example "Chase Utley"
  4. Synonym Search Operator  the tilde Symbol ~Synonym Search Advanced (Finds Words with Similar Meaning, note no space between symbol and word) ~nutrition
  5. Site Operator     Domain Searches  Searching for .gov domains   Example:  Texas Site:gov  
  6. Minus Sign Operator  -  (excludes or subtracts word from search) fisheries -florida
  7. Basic Search Tips with Advanced Boolean

3. Let's Practice Explore:
Let's try using some popular operators when searching like "Quotation Marks" or the Minus Sign - or the ~tilde. Please note the format and Syntax (Spacing is important to the search engine). Note there are no spaces after or before the symbols if you add spaces it cancels out the Boolean the search engine will not acknowledge the Boolean.

Exercises Copy & Paste Select a Search Engine From the top of the page:
Boolean Quotation Marks  "Searches for Words in Quotation Marks" Example Search: "Bill Gates" "The Great Lakes" "Texas landforms"
Synonym Searches using Tilde~  Boolean tilde ~Symbol (Finds Words with Similar Meaning) Examples:  "New Jersey" ~Industry    ~nutrition

Advanced Site Operator     Domain Search  Searching for .gov domains   Example:  Texas Site:gov  

 More Data on Search Techniques with Booleans and Modifiers:

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Search Engines

4. Advanced

Types of Search Engines:
Individual search engines like Yahoo and Google have one database collection of Internet sites. 
    Meta search engines use several other search engines instead of their own  database.
WebCrawler  and  DogPile are meta search engines.

Boolean Operator Searching Techniques:

Improve Your Google Search Experience

  1. Google Syntax: set a range [Cell phone $50..$100]

  2. Search Within a Domain or Site: [nurse's Office site:]

  3. *Wildcard (Asterisk *) *finding more spellings Example Search: Child* for finding children

  4. Nesting/Precedence with (Parentheses)
    Example Search presidents:  ((George NEAR Bush) AND (Bill OR William  NEAR Clinton))

  5. Link: Command Check sites linked to any web site. This allows you to find web sites that link to another web site.  Google uses this command.

    Demo activity Copy into Google Search Engine:


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Search Engines


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