Information Literacy Basics
Respect the Work of Others and Evaluate Internet Resources
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URL: Uniform Resource Locator

A web site address is a URL. It is a coding system for locating files on the Internet. How the computers find web sites on the Internet.
xample Our School's Web Address:

Cite Resources:

This means to give credit to all the resources used for information,  graphics or sounds by documenting and listing resources. Cite Resources


Plagiarism is taking someone else's work, words, graphics, or sounds and presenting it as your own. It is considered cheating and stealing. Copying and pasting sentences and paragraphs from the Internet as your own words is plagiarism. Failing to cite your resources is considered plagiarism.
Learn More:
Student Guide on Plagiarism 
The Right Stuff  Respect Copyrights

Evaluating Information on the Internet:
You Are a Consumer of Information Beware and Thinking

  1. Remember Not Every thing on the Internet is True.
  2. Look for Clues the Site is reliable, unbiased and accurate
  3. Is the site free of Errors? (Spelling, grammar)
  4. Look for update information to determine if information is current.
  5. Is the site being maintained?
  6. Look for Author Information to determine if they are Qualified Authors on subject.
  7. Think about URL domains .edu, .com, .gov, .org
  8. ~ A tilde in the URL means it is a personal web page

Evaluating Information & Internet Sites Activity:

Learn More:  T is for Thinking, A Guide to Critical Thinking About What you see on the Web

I would like to give Credit to the Following Resources:

Student Guide on Plagiarism 

T is for Thinking, A Guide to Critical Thinking About What you see on the Web

The Right Stuff


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