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Teachers, Parents, Caretakers: Students need to be supervised and guided when using the Internet to select activities that reflect appropriate individual family and school values. This is not a school program these are links to educational Internet Activities for students of various ages.  Sites may contain links to advertisements and/or other more game like sites. Guide students appropriately and teach them to make good decisions that reflect their family's  values.  Click Here Site Disclaimer

Ben's Guide to the
US Government

Patriotic 4th of July Activities


View Vacation Spot!

Social Studies

Social Studies Games @


American Revolution
Happy 4th of July
United States Quiz



All the President's Children

Presidents of the United States Hangman

Social Studies
GeoNet Kid's Place

The Internet African American Challenge


Read Quick Fun Facts
Secrets About the Presidents

Martin Luther King Jr, Standford University


National Geographic Bee

The American Experience


Underground Railroad

Learn More About the Underground Railroad


President's Day Games


March 8th International Women's Day
Portrait of Edith Roosevelt

First Ladies
Distinguished Woman of Past & Present


History Videos  

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