Middle School Computer Technology Vocabulary
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  1. Computer - Electronic device for storing and processing data.
  2. CPU - Central Processing Unit, this is the main part of the computer where the processing takes place. The brain of the computer.
  3. Drive - Storage Place for Data, files, pictures hard drives are stationary and cloud drives are online services/space.
  4. Computer Hard Drive is the local C: Drive - Storage Place for Data, files, pictures on the computer you are sitting at where the Desktop & Library Documents Pictures are located.
  5. Data - Is another word for Information. Data (Information) can be text and/or numbers, examples of data: names, dates, places, addresses, phone numbers and pictures.
  6. A database is a collection of data or information.
  7. Internet -  Global Network computers connected around the world to share information. The Internet is a large network of computers around the world connected to share. The Computers are connected with wires, cables, or satellites that provide wireless  connection to share information & data.
  8. Cloud Computing - applications and services over the Internet online like our Google tools are all online we can access them from any device online.
  9. Google Drive - service by Google allows you to store and share files online using the Internet. Web based service for Storing Data, files, pictures on a remote server.
  10.  Netiquette - Internet and etiquette Online Computer manners appropriate use.

  11. Plagiarism - Plagiarism is taking someone else's work, words, graphics, or sounds and presenting it as your own. It is considered cheating and stealing. Copying and pasting sentences and paragraphs from the Internet as your own words is plagiarism.

  12. Cite Resources - Means giving credit to the Internet Resources (Websites) you used to find your information.  URL - A web address or Uniform Resource Locator. http://bcsberlin.org/ Web Address
  13. Acceptable Use Policy BCS -  Agreement of conditions and rules regarding use of technology devices, computers and online Internet resources.


bullet Network Computers connect to each other to share data. The Internet is a large global network computers around the world connected to share.

Local Network - Computers connected to share information locally (close by) in a building or organization


Server - A server is a computer that provides data to other computers on a network. A server provides a service to other computers on a network.


Router - Hardware device that routes data from one network to another network. Example home/school network to the Internet Network.


Modem - "Modulator-Demodulator" allows computers & devices including routers to connect to the Internet.


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