Internet Safety and Basic Computer Care
Computer Chitchat, by Mrs. Nasto
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  1.   Never use the Internet without adult or parental supervision.
  2. Never drink or eat at a computer.  Food and drinks can damage the keyboard take care of your computer and keep it clean.
  3. Never use bad language or write hateful or hurtful things about another person. 
  4. Never share your password, keep your password a secret*******.
  5. Never give out information such as your name, address, telephone number,  school name or a friend's name without parents permission.
  6. Never Download without permission from an adult.  They can contain viruses or programs that can harm your computer or slow it down.Download
  7. Do not open or click on banners or flashing advertisements  and if one pops open, click the X to close it.
  8. Always use the CD-ROM or DVD button to open and close the CD-ROM or DVD drive pushing on the door can damage it.
  9. Do not put a magnet near your computer's CPU this can damage the computer.
  10. Always share your Internet knowledge with others.




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