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Computer Technology Vocabulary Terms & Concepts
How Computers Work!
 4th Grade Computers, by Mrs. Nasto

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Updated 05/11/2021

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  1. Data - Is another word for Information. Data/Information can be text and/or numbers, examples of data: names, dates, places, addresses, phone numbers, pictures, files, documents, shows.
  2. Computer - Electronic device for storing and processing data.
  3. CPU - Central Processing Unit, Main part of the computer where the processing takes place. The brain of the computer.
    CPUThe brain of the computer.
  4. Drive -  Place to store data (files, pictures, programs)
  5. Computers Hard Drive: - This is where the computer stores programs, pictures, videos, data, Documents, Desktop and Library folders. The Hard Drive of the computer is usually labeled with Letter C: drive.
  6. Google Drive -  Cloud Storage allows users to store Data (information) in the cloud (online) for use across devices. This drives are stored on larger servers (computers) in Google warehouses not on your device. We call it in the cloud!
  7. Internet -  When Computers are connected to share data, programs, games. Computers are connected with wires, cables, or satellites that provide wireless  connection to share information & data. Code.org Video Resources: What is the Internet?
  8. Network - when computers are Connected to share information, data, and games.
  9. Netiquette -   Online Computer manners. (Internet and etiquette=Netiquette) Etiquette=Manners
  10. Personal Information - Is Private information such as your name, parents name, Phone Number, E-mail, Address, and school name.
  11.  Computer Hardware - Hard Things we can touch that are connected to the computer like Monitor, Speakers, Keyboard, Printer, Scanner, CPU BOX, CPU Processor chip. Code.org Video Resources:  Hardware & Software?


  12. Software - Instructions (programs) that tell a computer what to do. Software includes all programs, apps and data that tell a computer what to do. Google, Safari, Chrome, Google Classroom
  13. Images - Can be a Picture, clipart, graphic, photograph, photo, illustrations
  14. Animated Images - Move, GIF

Code.org Video Resources: Hardware & Software, What is the Internet?

Desktop - The working space on your computer desktop located on C:drive.

Taskbar - A bar on your monitor screen with the windows START button and any running programs or Internet sites or icons to open programs.


Mouse Commands Mouserising:

Double Click (2 Clicks Fast in a Row) = OPEN COMMAND

Double Click a Word (Selects a Word) = OPEN COMMAND

Right Click = Brings up a Menu a list of commands, words that give the computer a command. Can you copy and paste?

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