Computer Technology Vocabulary Basics
Computer Chitchat, by Mrs. Nasto 
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  1. Data - Is another word for Information. Data (Information) can be text and/or numbers, examples of data: names, dates, places, addresses, phone numbers.
  2. Computer - Electronic device for storing and processing data.
  3. CPU - Central Processing Unit, Main part of the computer where the processing takes place. The brain of the computer.
  4. Drive -  Place that stores data (files, pictures, programs)
  5. Hard Drive - C: Drive is the Hard Drive of the computer you are sitting where the Desktop, Library and Documents are located.
  6. Flash Drive -  Removable drive that Stores Data (information) a way to move more data from one computer to another it is a portable drive.
  7. DVD's & CD's  Store data and move it from Computer to computer.
  8. Internet -  When Computers are connected with wires, cables, or satellites that provide wireless  connection to share information & data.
  9.  DOWNLOADING, RUNNING, ALLOWING -    Take something from one computer and put it on another computer moving Data (Information).
  10. Desktop - The working space on your computer desktop.
  11. Taskbar - A bar on your monitor screen with the START button and any running programs or Internet sites .
Let's Think about Mouse Commands:

Double Click (2 Clicks Fast in a Row) the mouse gives the computer the OPEN COMMAND.

Double Click (2 Clicks Fast in a Row) on Words Gives the command to Select a Word.

Right Click = Brings up a Menu a list of commands, words that give the computer a command like copy and paste.

Interactive Enrichment Explore Technology:



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Technology, Computers & the Internet are fun to use let's be safe select sites that your parents and teachers would approve. Thank you Mrs. Nasto

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