Cyber Five     

Internet Safety and Basic Computer Care
Computer Chitchat, by Mrs. Nasto
"Safety First" is "Safety Always." ~Charles M. Hayes

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  1.   Never use the Technology Devices and the Internet without adult supervision. Adults can help you stay safe and keep your device safe.
  2. Always wash your hands before using technology take care of your computer keyboard keep it clean.Never drink or eat at a computer food and drinks can damage the keyboard. Fight germs by washing hands before using computers or other technology devices this stops the spread of germs.
  3. Never use bad language or write hateful or hurtful things about another person.  This can be considered Cyberbullying it is against the law in NJ.
  4. Never share your password, keep your passwords a secret*******.
  5. Never share private family information online when using the Internet or chatting on any device. Never give out information about yourself, your family or friends such as address, telephone number, school name, vacation or party plans this is all private information  keep yourself, home and family safe no sharing.
  6. Never Download, ALLOW, OR RUN games or files without permission from an adult.  They can contain viruses or programs that can harm your computer or slow it down. Be careful Downloading ask an adult for help when the computer asks you a question.
  7. Try not open or click on banners or flashing advertisements  and if one pops open, click the X to close it.
  8. Do not drop your device in water. Do not drop or step on your device
  9. Take care of Ears when using technology. Ear buds and headphones use safely never turn volume pass half-way level or use for more than 40 minutes. Do not push ear buds in your ears too far this can damage your eardrum.
  10. Take care of your Eyes when using technology. Look away every 20 minutes and take a 10 minute break every hour. Gamersbeware protect your eyes.

Always share your Computer Technology knowledge with others.

Technology Devices, Computers & the Internet are fun to use let's take care and be safe when we use them, thank you Mrs. Nasto.

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