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  1. Never go online without adult supervision.
  2. Never use bad language or write hateful things about another person. 
  3. Never share your password, keep your password a secret*******.
  4. Never give out personal information, such as your address, telephone number, or school name and address or a friends name.
  5. Do not eat or drink over a computer keyboard this can damage your keyboard.
  6. Do not put a magnet near your computer's CPU this can damage the computer.
  7. Be careful  handling floppy disks, do not play with the mental clip this can damage the disk.
  8. Always use the CD-ROM button to open and close the CD-ROM drive pushing on the door can damage it.
  9. Never respond to a message that makes you feel confused or uncomfortable, tell your teacher or parent if you come across any information online that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  10. Be careful downloading files or programs.  They can contain viruses that can harm your computer.
  11. Do not open or click on banners or advertisements and if one pops open, click the X to close it.
  12. Look for site security information before  entering private information into the computer such as the security lock  on the taskbar and https on address bar.
  13. Do not copy and paste information (Sentences and Paragraphs) from the Internet and pretend they are your words. This is cheating or plagiarism,  read and always write in your own words and then cite your resources.
  14. Students should not enter or advertise personal information on the Internet such as an AOL profile or by using online resources  such as ( to share personal information.


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