Computer Virus Facts

Internet Safety & Netiquette
 4th Grade Computers by Mrs. Nasto 
"At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security."
Jodi Rell

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Adult supervision helps keep you & your iPad or computer safe when online!

  1. Digital Citizens - are respectful and polite when using technology.
  2. Acceptable Use Policy  Device, app & Internet Use rules please follow or risk losing rights to use in school. Internet User beware school's have Internet use rules a document called Acceptable Use Policy.
  3. Cyberbullying is using "electronic communication" to threaten, bully, or harass other students. This includes any online apps & resources, gamer chatting, smart phones and any form of technology. Never write hateful things about another person online threats are taken seriously
    Cyberbullying is against the law in NJ, and goes on your school record.
  4. Never use bad language or criticize or insult people online using technology devices. This can start fights and is not good (Netiquette = Online Manners).
  5. Never respond to a bully, ignore it and save it take a picture, screenshot or print it. If it continues tell a parent, teacher or trusted adult.
  6. Never share your password, keep your password a secret******* keep your computer, sites and devices private. Passwords lock and protect user name so only those who know the password can log on open or  use computer, device,  program or site.
  7. Never give out personal information, such as your address, telephone number, or school name and address or a friends name. Never share private information like vacations and other events this is how homes get robbed.
  8. Be careful DOWNLOADING, Allowing or Running apps, files or programs.  They can contain viruses that can harm your iPad/computer or slow it down. Ask a parent for help.
  9. Email, texting or chatting remember writing in Capital letters (ALL UPPER CASE) means that you are shouting and angry it is not proper Netiquette turn CAPS LOCK OFF.
  10. Magnets can damage computers, iPads and laptops keep them away from your Devices.

Basic iPad & Computer Care
Stay Healthy Using Computers, iPads, Gaming Devices

  1. Stay healthy take care of your eyes and ears when using technology. Eye care and technology look away every 20 minutes and take a 10 minute break every hour. Ear buds and headphones use safely never turn volume pass half-way level or use for more than one hout. Poor practices can damage ears and cause hearing loss.
  2. Germs: Always wash hands before using technology this helps fight the spread of germs. Technology use can spread germs.
  3. Do not drop your iPad in water or spill drinks on it.

  4. Do not sit  or step on your iPad take care of it.

  5. Take care of the USB charging Cable, do not let people step on it


Technology, Computers & the Internet are fun to use let's be safe and take care when we use them, thank you Mrs. Nasto.

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