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  1. Never go online without adult supervision.
  2. Do not use bad language or write hateful things about another person online threats are taken very seriously.
  3. Keep your password a secret*****.
  4. Do not give out personal information, such as your address, telephone number, or school name and address.
  5. Never agree to go meet a person you have met online.  You should know everyone on your buddy list.
  6. Never send your picture to a person you have met online.
  7. Be careful downloading files or programs.  They can contain viruses, spies or hackers that can harm your computer, check with an adult before you click on something.
  8. Do not open or click on banners or advertisements and if one pops open, click the X to close it.
  9. Remember Spammers collect screen names in chat rooms.
  10. You should know everyone on your buddy list.
  11. Do not forward email without the author's permission.  (Netiquette)
  12. Do not copy and paste information (Sentences and Paragraphs) from the Internet and pretend they are your words. This is cheating or plagiarism  read and always write in your own words and then cite your resources.
  13. Tell your teacher or parent if you come across any information online that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  14. Never use a computer to steal or destroy computers, files or programs.
  15. Keep your email messages short and to the point and always include a subject line.  (Netiquette)
  16. Do not criticize anyone online. (Netiquette)
  17. Capital letters means that you are shouting.  (Netiquette)
  18. Share your Internet knowledge with others.



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