Students Be A Better Reader
Build Reading skills with Interactive sites and information on Reading Resources:

  • Select Internet activities that encourage reading, writing, and thinking. Visit and Bookmark Mrs. Nasto's selection of online activities that build better readers: Building Better Readers Online Interactive Reading Activities

  • Read books online or follow along as the computer reads to you.

  • Select dictionaries, search engines, and encyclopedias that correspond with your reading level.

  • Select software that develops reading skills. Visit this site for top recommendations on reading software: Review Corner Best Educational Software Reading/Pre-reading/Spelling

  • Practice reading aloud.

  • Read a variety of materials, short stories, poems, news articles, magazines, cartoons, fiction, non-fiction to explore all your interests and expand your vocabulary.

  • Learn how to use spellchecker (F7) and the thesaurus (Shift & F7) tools available in your Word processor when creating documents.

  • Increase font size. Larger font can make it easier to read. Internet browsers and word processors all have many ways to adjust font size or view.
    Explore this option:

    • Internet Explorer - View on menu, highlight Text size, highlight Largest Microsoft Accessibility Changing Font Size

    • Netscape - View on menu, highlight Increase Font

    • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & Excel - View on menu, highlight Zoom or Format on menu, highlight Font increase Font size 14 or higher.

  • Practice using keyboarding programs to support letter recognition and key letter location on the keyboard.

  • Help selecting books to read visit this page

  • Explore this cool site.  Learn and communicate with other children or young people who are struggling to be better readers.

    • I am Dyslexic. COM - Many products are available to help dyslexics read better. Interactive games reading and math word problems.

  • Explore this site "The Gift of Dyslexia" and learn why some of the smartest people in our world were not better readers, but were very talented in many other ways.

  • Creative writing web activities for kids, teachers and parents
    By Bruce Van Patter


Hope you found some useful ideas on Building Better Readers!
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